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Low-key Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Pandemic

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Our favorite low-key ways to celebrate Valentine's Day (really any year... but especially in a pandemic) whether you are single or have a special someone:
  1. Buy fresh flowers. My favorite is to buy a few bunches at the grocery store (Trader Joes always has an amazing selection) and arrange them myself in a pretty vase
  2. Make a charcuterie board & enjoy it sitting on pillows on the floor around the coffee table (or anywhere that you don't normally sit)
  3. Have a spa night with your Valentine (or Galentine!) at home. Don't forget the cucumber-mint infused water
  4. Write a love letter to yourself. Tell yourself three things you are proud of and pick one trait about yourself that you admire. Write them in a notebook so you can come back to this letter whenever you need a pep talk